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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

be strong for yourself nis

tolong la stay away from me at this moment 
 . i know ure my friend ,kind 
caring semua ,but please dont force me to do anything dat i hate to do it 
i appreciate that u really want to help me w/o i asking for it
but this is not the right way ,
im not dat type of girl
im not jealous or rasa ap2 
just please dont relate me with ur story or wht
langsung xmarah .
dont control me , i have feelings too.
i trust u but now not anymore ,
im so sorry .
really sorry
i could not ever imagine u did that to me ,
yes i look fine in front of u
bcause i dont want our friendship ruin just like tht
and just bcause of the silly things .
dh hilang respect dengan both of u 
i cant bear anymore .
im not a good friend 
i act like nothing happen
nampak happy all the time 
happy go lucky person
but inside ya Allah , hanya tuhan saja tahu.
jangan risau tak lama pun 
nanti hilang la
tolong tabah nis nak berhadapan dengan both of u
even im not dat strong enough but i will
utk kebaikan semua ,try to be professional
yes , i let it go
because i choose my friend.
walaupun apapun yang jadi u still my friend
yes aku nampak kasar but when it comes to friendship 
aku mengalah
sebab aku sayang kawan kawan aku .
xpa mula2 ja susah lama2 ok la kan 
anis.. i know ure stronger than u think
keep that inside ur mind .
kadang2 sedih tgk gambar ja yang happy 
tapi real life x dah 
rindu diri yang dulu ,

saya share , awak baca ,like=]truly love :anismaisarah=]

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